Entry #1


2011-01-08 03:51:06 by Docmo

It's 3:00 A.M. and a buddy of mine was like "OH DAWG YOU GOT A NG?!" and I'm like "Yeah..." and he was like "YOU SHOULD POST YO MUSIC THURR GEE" and I'm just like "Ooookaaay...." So I will be posting more music everyday from what I have produced in the past 6 years of my wasted (not really) life.

To catch up: I am releasing a trance EP that consists of 5 Tracks and runs about 28:00 ish
I am going to release a single (trance track) called "Lax" which will not be posted on here, but you can find the track on my soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/docmo/lax
I will be posting Hardstyle which I have produced since 2008 on NewGrounds.

Thank you all for your support.

In the end it's all worth it I like to live in my own world...

Docmo - Alex Schlatweiler


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